Public Equities

Pacific Capital's mandate is to invest using its financial and human capital to make long-term equity investments in outstanding companies which will be successful over the long term. Investments are selected with a disciplined, research-intensive analytical process, in conjunction with a top-down macro approach. Pacific Capital's goal is to identify sectors and businesses with sustainable long-term competitive advantage, motivated management and able to deliver attractive risk-adjusted cashflows. Pacific Capital views itself as an investor in businesses and companies, not as a trading firm.

The firm seeks to invest in all sectors, with no geographical restrictions. Market conditions and valuations are the main determinant in deciding which investments to pursue. In particular, market positioning and future leadership status is closely studied, to ensure that the firm identifies the leaders of the future.

Pacific Capital will also consider larger strategic investments, bringing additional skills to the existing management. The long term approach and management expertise at Pacific Capital allows the fund to enhance value further at the selected companies.

Private Equities

Pacific Capital's long-term investment strategy is also focused on private equity-style investments, with the aim to provide long term capital and resources. We work with management as long term partners allowing the company to be run without the pressure of fund-raising issues and contributing the business knowledge and experience of our investment professionals and our broad network in business and the financial sector.

Pacific Capital invests in both established public and private companies through:
- Buyouts of private companies and divisions of public or private companies;
- Acquisitions of public companies through going private transactions;
- Participating in stake building by purchasing blocks from existing investors looking to exit/raise capital.

Pacific Capital explores all types of financing and investing opportunities, using equity, debt and other financial instruments. Due to the flexible mandate of the firm and the resources available, Pacific Capital is able to invest in different levels of the capital structure and across different industries. Once investments have been made, we encourage the company's management to focus on the implementation of the strategy and we provide advice with regard to capital allocation while regularly monitoring the performance of the investments through the analysis of financial and operating results.

Venture Capital

Pacific Capital focuses on dynamic young companies, operating in the telecom, technology and media sectors, which are pioneers in their respective fields. Pacific Capital's team are active partners, creating close long-term relationships with these early-stage companies, providing hands-on support and practical guidance to achieve global growth to create world-class companies. This approach will enable these companies to excel in their respective industries and take them to the next stage of their development.

Special Opportunities

Finally, Pacific Capital is able to selectively target certain special opportunities, depending on market conditions.

These include:
· Investing in distressed capital situations;
· Participating in corporate restructurings.