Pacific Capital was established in April 2007 as an investment firm with assets superior to EUR 800 million, focusing on capital preservation and delivering consistent, superior absolute returns with low volatility and correlation to equity and fixed income markets.

Pacific Capital's principal investor is Mr. Silvio Scaglia, who was formerly the founder, CEO and largest shareholder of Fastweb, the second-largest fixed line telecommunications company in Italy and previously CEO of Omnitel (now Vodafone Italy) the second wireless telecom operator in Italy.

Pacific Capital's activities focus primarily on:

· Investing in publicly-traded securities;
· Pursuing traditional private equity activities;
· Investing in venture capital opportunities;
· Working in conjunction with established partners in both private and public markets.


Investment Philosophy

Pacific Capital's mandate is to identify and invest in attractive opportunities in both public and private companies. The firm invests in both developed and emerging markets securities, and in publicly-traded marketable securities and non-publicly-traded securities. Pacific Capital also selectively invests in venture capital opportunities, based on strict investment criteria.

The firm has an opportunistic and agnostic approach to investing, seeking long-term opportunities in various markets. While the investible universe is broad, there is significant focus on the approach used to identify and execute investment decisions. The team prides itself on a collaborative approach, drawing on all the internal expertise, in order to make rewarding long-term investments.

Given the experience and professional background of the team, the fund has a particular emphasis on the Technology, Media and Telecoms sectors, as well as the emerging "Green" investment space. While the fund is not specialised, we are able to bring additional expertise to these sectors, which will help us to identify promising long-term investment drivers and themes. We seek to take passive and active stakes in companies in this space, and to potentially bring together companies, in order to capitalise on first-mover advantage in new areas.


The management team has a wide range of operational and financial experience and skills, which it deploys to maximise its investments' potential. Pacific Capital will also benefit from an extensive network of executives and corporate partners to enhance existing and new investment opportunities.

The current team looks set to grow further, as the firm builds out further investment and operational expertise in the coming years.

Paolo Barbieri *

Serge Marion *

Stephen Surpless

Louis Pong

* member of the Board of Directors